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Théo Girard

"La rivière coulera sans effort"
premier album à paraitre en 2024

Lesley Mok I drums

Nick Lyons I alto sax

Brooklyn based


Sophia Domancich I piano

Théo Girard I acoustic bass

Paris based


booking at


marc.chonier at ciediscobole . fr


Kenneth Jimenez I @knthjimenez

Mobke is a Franco-American quartet.

The idea for its creation began to germinate in Théo Girard's head in 2014 on his return from his first trip to the United States. A lover of all the eras and styles of American jazz, since that day he has wanted to put together a group with personalities who all develop a strong and original path from this shared heritage.

This is the case with
Lesley, Sophia and Nick, all three of whom have developed very personal musical worlds and represent contemporary jazz in his eyes: music that is alive, abundant and profound.

The double bassist's original music is the starting point for a collective piece of writing that reveals all the facets of these talented artists.

Sophia, a pianist with a thousand projects to her name, currently playing solo, in a duo with drummer Simon Goubert or in projects with Denis Charolles, François Corneloup and Sylvain Kassap, brings her experience and virtuosity to Mobke.

Lesley, a rising star on the New York scene and a complete artist, is open to all kinds of musical and multi-disciplinary experiments. She can be found alongside William Parker (cb), Chris Tordini (cb) and the fiery Argentinian tenor saxophonist Camila Nebbia, who has recently moved to Europe.

Nick is a discreet alto saxophonist on this side of the Atlantic, but he embodies the crossroads of tradition and the avant-garde in American jazz. A disciple of Connie Crothers (piano), herself a disciple of Lennie Tristano (piano), he makes no distinction between music and spirituality. And his saxophone pantheon includes Warn Marsh and Lee Konitz.

MOBKE has been awarded the Creative Grants bursary from the FACE Foundation / Jazz & New Music.

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Dates Passées

Paris - Le Comptoir - February 2022

Paris - Le Comptoir - December 2022

Brooklyn - IBeam - January 2023

New York City - Maison Française de Columbia - January 2023



Musiques au Comptoir - In-residence and co-production

FACE Foundation - residency grant